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Le monde en flammes

20 years has passed since the disaster, a huge ocean has replaced most the planet's continents. The few people that have survived are now dead because of irradiations or starvation.
Only Conan and his adoptive grand father are still alive on a small remnant and scantiness island that was a mountain before the catastrophe.


L'île Perdue

Conan was born and grown up on this island, alone with his grandfather. His parents whose the shuttle has crashed on the island several years ago died like the rest of the crew, probably due to the radioactive war's consequences. Conan is a young vigorous boy with a strength out of the ordinary.
Besides, he is hunting a shark when gull's chirps reveal the body of a young girl that ran aground the beach... The evidence that human beings still exist somewhere else.

however they haven't much time left to meet since the day after they hear the screw a seaplane that is going to make a sea landing!...



Lana is the grand-daughter of professor Rao.
Theoretically alive , he would be the last scientist able to find the trace of an old satellite.
Sent in space before the third world war, the satellite would bring solar energy back to the equipped remnants buildings. Le professeur Rao The solar tower which is in Industria is the principal building which can collect it. Their leaders will stake everything, including the capture of Lana to find the professor.

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