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Gimsy will be the first true companion of Conan. He is wild, lives as a hermit and refuses to work for the part of Industria. He will leave his island despite the affection he has for it so as to follow Conan in the search of Lana.

Capitaine Dice

Dice is the Barracuda's captain, a transport sails ship which carry and provides the necessary plastics used in the manufacture of survival's items and food for the Industria's population; about one thousand people.
Le Barracuda
His crew is faithful for him and his spirit of sailor dictates his own main choices. In the meantime he will be involved whether he likes it or not in the mishaps of Conan. His boat and his men will remain priorities for him.

Monsrie survived the disaster. Still young, she was sheltered on a boat by a few scientists from Industria. Since, she has taken the lead of the army which maintains law and order at Industria's surface and basements. That is her who is set off in pursuit of lana.



Opportunist, perfidious, megalomaniac and cruel, his is the reflection of his defections. Only solar energy counts for him. He is the instigator of the laws and the way of life in Industria. his aim serves only his personal ambition which is to dominate the world.

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